Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Wedding Decorations - Bar Signs

One of my worst pet-peeves when I go to weddings, is when you have no idea what is complimentary at the bar. Not only do you feel cheap by asking, "What's free?" but you just feel rude asking. There are more polite ways of asking what is available at the bar such as,"What is complementary?" or "Are there any hosted drinks?". Nonetheless, I still hate asking.

There are many options to let your guests know what is available. Here are a couple examples:
  • The bartender can place the wine or beer bottles on the bar top (which typically indicates those are hosted)
  • Make a note in the program that says, "Join us after the ceremony for complimentary wine and beer."
  • When your host and hostess greet your guests, have them point to the bar while letting them know what is hosted
  • Have the bartenders tell guests what is hosted prior to them ordering their drink (this does not always happen)
  • Create a bar sign
We decided to create a bar sign with the complementary items and framed them to make it look more appealing. I found a bar sign on Weddingbee that I thought was perfect!

Here is how our bar signs turned out!

Brianna Colleen Photography

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